VSS- Healthcare RCM

Designed to support physicians with managing the back office functions of billing and collections .

At Healthcare - RCM, our specialists understand the revenue cycle and ensure that the linking of CPT code or Diagnosis code (ICD 10) and processing is done in a timely manner and provide the follow - up on the claims as well.

Revenue Cycle Management covers everything that results in you getting paid. It starts from the first time a patient connects with your office, before their first visit, and ends when the payment posts.

It might seem like a simple process, but imagine how much time your practice could be saving by improving this process.

    While you provide the medical services, we will take care of :

  • Data entry for Demographic,
  • Insurance eligibilty and benfits verifications.
  • Build customized scrubber checks to meet state, speciality and practice specifc billing guidelines.
  • Processing Primary, Secondary and Tertiary claims.
  • Post all insurance payments, Explaination of benfits (EOBs), Electronic Remmitance adivice (ERAs) and work on any denied claims / correspondence files.
  • Processing Attorney's bill and transaction statement.
  • Co-ordinating with Patient for additional claim processing information
  • Managing appeals at all level.
  • Managing Federal & Commercial Insurance along with MVA and WC claims.
  • Processing of Patient statements along with Managing Patients .query about billing .
  • Soft Collection Patient reminder calls.
  • Daily/Monthly/YTD financial statements - RCM reports.
More Money-More Control

Our billing services refine every practice function–from the front desk to the back office–to help manage your patient revenue cycle.

Eliminate Financial Visibility

Visibility into performance indices such as copay collected, AR per payors, denials, and cash flow in real time.

Error free Claims submission

With the unique blend of personal attention and billing sophistication. 94% claims being accepted and paid on first submission, helping you collect faster.

It's Preety Simple

Regardless of the size or location of your practice, CureMD makes transitioning a simple, cost-effective, and painless experience.